Matt Cutts == Googleguy

Оказывается, что это уже дано ни для кого не секрет

Мысль такая была, когда только появился блог Мэта Катса, но я ее отбросил за отсутствием докозательств и намеков в западных блогах. Но кое-какие намеки на это все же были:

Matt Cutts, posting over Threadwatch and sounding pretty in sync with GoogleGuy, explains that is a PR8 site and points to the Future PageRank checker at SEO Tools as a way to see this.

(At this point, you’re asking “Isn’t Matt Cutts GoogleGuy?” For the record, Matt’s never publicly laid claim to being GoogleGuy. But since Matt’s more active on commenting with things these days, I think it’s well time that GoogleGuy step forward with a real name, so that if they are one and the same, there’s isn’t confusion that two different people are talking.

Honestly, at some point we’ll have someone citing GoogleGuy, then someone citing Matt against GoogleGuy, which is absurd if they are the same. I and many others do know the real identity of GoogleGuy. I think it’s well time everyone knows and hope GoogleGuy will step forward).

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