Рекомендации от инсайдера Yahoo

Несколько рекомендаций по оптимизации. Вроде как от инсайдера Yahoo.

1) Register your domains for 2-5 years, not 1 year
2) Avoid buying domains with multiple dashes
3) Do begin to obtain RELEVANT links from high authority pages and directories as soon as possible for both new and old sites
4) Beware who you link out to and do not participate in link exchanges with non-related content sites
5) Have a plan in place to update your site regularly with new content and shuffle featured content (e.g. homepage features) regularly. This will encourage more search engine spider activity and faster updates of your site.
6) Do use Yahoo Site Explorer (beta) to monitor your site to see how many pages are indexed and to analyze the links to your site (and your competition)
7) Do write unique quality articles and submit them to article directories
8 ) Do use press releases and submit the to places like prweb.com
9) Do not buy ROS (run of site links) if you want to rank well on Google, particularly on a new site. (A ROS link is a link that is placed on every page of a site, like in a footer or navigation bar)
10) Build your links and submit to directories gradually. Mix up the anchor text of your incoming links with your top 5 or 6 keyword phrases and category keyword phrases.
11) Standard onpage SEO is enough (title tags with keywords, h1 for heading, static url, proper internal link structure, sitemap, deep content, article content focusing on the search tail and funnel pagerank back up to category pages).
12) Avoid search engine forums and areas where kids and beginners with no experience spread bogus rumors.
13) Do read Matt Cutt’s blog, threadwatch.org, Pandia, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Land (new), and other top expert sites for additional information.
14) do invest in the right professional tools for seo and avoid the spam *tool of the day*
15) Avoid auto-page generators at all costs. They leave footprints and are a waste of time.
16) Do have a long term SEO and content plan. Long term unique valuable content will always beat out spam in the long run.

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